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Daggerfall ...The Elder Scrolls фэндомы 

Как насчет немножко олдскула?

Фрагменты бестиария Daggerfall.

I SPfilOOWn 1 | 0P.C5 I L CCOTRUfi Spriggan Localion: Woodlands and rural area3 of the Imperial Province of High Rock. History: These reclusive creatures iare considered by 3ome 3Cho!ar3 to be in the genu3 llyandi or part of the Sylphim or Faerie chain. They are all but immune to physical

Ore Location: Everywhere, particularly Ithe southern Wrothgarian mountains near Wayresl. History: Universally reviled for their belligerence and savagery, orc3 are particularly common in the Iliac Bay where they are rumored to be rebuilding their ancient capitol. fsmccflnj l 0RC5 _1 L CtnrwOR

Centaur Location: Forests and pastureland throughout the Bay. History: Ancient and niy3teriou3 creatures, alternately worshipped and despised, centaurs are said to be followers of the Old Way3 of Tamriel Tin,The Elder Scrolls,фэндомы,Daggerfall

Scorpion Location j. SPRIGGnn 1 | Of,CS | CEniflUR_ 4 I SCORPiÔn" 1 ICE PHIORR IHR1 PHIPRH i( "iimci: , (iREur.H eirecrotm The Alik'r Desert and the blighted Dak'tron of Hammerfell The Giant Scorpions are aggressive, intelligent hunters that have fallen like a plague in the Alik'r Desert.

Ice Daedra, or Frost Daedra Location: Oblivion History: Little ¡3 commonly known about the ice or fro3t daedra and its brethren. They are emissaries and and as3assin3 of the Daedra Prince3 of Oblivion and are a3 cold in their murders a3 the infernal mist that surrounds them. I SPRIGGWn 1 I ORCS I

Fire Daedra Location: Oblivion Hi3tory: Little i3 commonly known about the fire daedra and its brethren. They seem to be most commonly U3ed by their ma3ter3, the Daedra Prince3 of Oblivion, a3 agent3 of destruction in its least subtle form. ■L spmpofln.1 i ones I I ctnmun 1 ; SCOHPipfT jlCE

I SPHIOGWn 1 | OP.CS I CCIHHUfi I SCORPj'bn ' IlCCPmORln IfTRTPRiORR I DHPIPIBC | | OBCUOH 1 I ORCOKOTH Vampire Location: Everywhere immortal predators, vampires hunt the night, sometimes singly sometimes in packa To what degree they have infiltrated human society, spreading death and the

1_ SPRIGOfln] , 0RC5 _] I CCOTflUR_ ' i 9CQRPiori~ | ICC PRCPRH |HR1 08IPRW ■ , "RnPlp7cl [ ORCUOH_1 , ORCORattT ' Dreugh Location: The Abecean Sea, the Iliac Bay, lakea and rivera History: The grotesque Dreugh ¡3 primarily an aquatic scavenger, though it doe3 3eem to have amphibian capacities.


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Daggerfall ...The Elder Scrolls фэндомы 

Альтернативный экран смерти в Daggerfall
"Welcome Adventurer You died a warrior's death.' #* A ■ M ■ N ^ i? '**1" Jilt \ .,The Elder Scrolls,фэндомы,Daggerfall

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Daggerfall Take my money 

Daggerfall,Take my money

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